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During the past 20 years, I’ve written an award-winning music blog, talked on TV about pop, hosted a weekly radio show, worked GRAMMY shows, curated some of the biggest playlists in the world, and helped mentor great artists that went on to score number one hits.

Now, I’m excited to write about new pop music and emerging artists in a weekly newsletter chockfull of insights and information you won’t get anywhere else. This is a passion project of mine to support artists and give them a platform to shine.

Every Saturday, I will cover:

📰 The State of Pop: My take on trending music stories of the week including the Los Angeles music scene

🌟 Artist of the Week: Brief introduction to noteworthy new artists with exclusive interviews

🍭 Bop of the Week: My pick for the most delicious, glorious, and irresistible pop release of the week

📅 Office Hours Playlist Updates: My quick takes on brand-new songs I’ve added to the Office Hours playlist.

My mission is to foster a community of pop music fans, artists, and creators to celebrate great music beyond the 140 character limit and TikTok swipe with this newsletter.

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